Wellcome to Villa Rosario

This house is located into an enclosed property of 10.000 square metres which is in the spot of ?Nava París?, in the municipal district of Torres (Jaén) and into the Parque Natural de Sierra Mágina (nature reserve). In this place, there are a lot of watercourses which are used for farming.

In Villa Rosario, fruit trees and vegetables are grown and hunting is practiced in the area around this property. All of these products are used in the typical gastronomy in this area

The construction of this house is a high-quality one and has followed the patterns of the traditional architecture in Andalusia, both about its structure and its decoration with period furniture from this region.

The last month of July, UNESCO declared the towns of Ubeda and Baeza as World Heritage. Both of them are located around ?Sierra Mágina? and they are just 20 kilometres far from our lodging.

This is a special place to rest and enjoy the wild nature with all the comforts of nowadays.